NetEase Games has announced their next major title is Immortal Conquest, set to hit iOS and Android in spring 2017. Described as a terrain-based strategy game, you and other players will be fighting in real-time for control of a map with 2 million pieces of land. Now, that sounds like a lot at first, but think that a successful free-to-play game could have many more players than that, unless there are multiple servers. Each parcel of land could become ever more valuable. As such, you’ll be collecting high value resources on your base, and using your selection of heroes to lead your military to help take over other lands.

You can build a subcity once your barracks have reached the level cap, your Government Hall is at LV8, and your Chief God Statue and Stargazing Platform are both at LV1. You should position your first subcity right in the center of the region you are in, and this is where you will place your troops to carry out city sieges from then on. Because siege troops do not require as many soldiers as the main troops, using the subcity as the base camp for the siege troops is the most cost-effective (the troops in the main city and subcity do not add to each other. Even when the barracks in the main city is at level cap, the troops deployed at the subcity are not entitled to these bonuses, and the main city cannot recruit soldiers from the subcity).

This will not affect the main troops when they set off to attack other cities and plunder other lands, and it ensures that the relative attack range of both your troops to the target city is not too far. In the later stages of the game, you should place your subcity at the very far end of the region you are in. You only need to upgrade your resource buildings, and you can ignore the other buildings that you’ve constructed in the early stages of the game. Most importantly, you need to upgrade your Stargazing Platform! Once you are in the resource region, you should establish a subcity here, and subsequently shift your main city to this resource region.

If you do not have a team of advanced Gairo, then you will suffer huge losses when you attack a LV9 territory. Moreover, outside the resources region, LV8 and LV9 lands are widely scattered. If you want to attack a LV8 and LV9 land that is further away, you need at least a LV3 fortress nearby, so you still need to attack a LV7 land after your barracks have reached the level cap. However, if you set up a subcity, because the warehouse and resource bonuses in the subcity can be accumulated, you probably only need 5 days to fill the subcity with resources. So how much return can you expect in term of resources? 5,350 of wood and iron, as well as 5,650 of stone and food every hour! When you compare that with a LV9 land that produces only 2,444 resources every hour, this deal is even better than conquering 9 plots of LV9 land